Battle Stars

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Battle Stars

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Battle Stars is a multiplayer space combat game. The aim is simply to shoot your opponents. It features two gaming modes:

1: Free play - Open ended play in which you shoot down your opponents until they've had enough!

2: Timed Play - Fast paced games occur over a period of 2 minutes. The player with the best kill / death spread over 2 minutes takes the prize.

Battle stars can also be played for real cash by its users. In Open rooms you get a cash prize for every person you kill (you will also pay a small amount for each life). In timed play, you get a prize for being the best in the room over 2 minutes!

Fire: space
Movement: arrow

Use the arrow keys (or WASD) keys to move your ship around, and space bar to shoot. Drive into power ups to collect them and press keys 1 to 4 to select the weapon power ups upon collecting them.

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